Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It begins...

Howdy folks. Do you like blood, violence and freaks of nature? Then welcome to Hail Horrors, Hail, the blog where we will be talking about all things horror.

We're two horror nerds who really like horror. Like, really, REALLY, like horror. Together we can spend hours discussing the humourless brutality of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the off-the-wall bat-shit craziness of Helldriver. So why have we decided to blog about it now? What we really want is to explore the genre we love with other people, and start discussions about the best or worst horror films, books, games and music. This blog will become a home for interesting investigations into what makes horror work and exactly what it is that tickles us about the stories that delve into the darkest recesses of the human condition.

Each week we'll add a few new reviews, opinion pieces and report on the latest horror news, all we ask for in return is for  you guys to tell us what you think about the topic.

Stay tuned...

Kayleigh and Tom