Thursday, December 8, 2011

Horror Film Night

Tom and I have started hosting a horror movie night for our friends once a fortnight or so. The plan is to eventually ramp it up to an actual event held around town for other horror enthusiasts to join, but that's a far way off in the future.

We decided our first night should be an introduction to good, solid horror so we showed The Thing, Rosemary's Baby and The Evil Dead (which we ran out of time to watch). We were pretty conservative with our theming for that night but we want to do something a little more creative with each night's choices. So instead of 'classic horror', 'Asian horror', 'zombie films' we're going to try and raise the bar just a touch.

Not being the over-organised types we'll be choosing the categories in the weeks between showing but I'll be sure to post the latest choice up on here when we come up with it, and will be over-joyed if anyone offers up any tasty horror morsels that would better fit the theme. Our next night will be in a week or so, and will probably have something Asian-y horror-y since our friend's Korean girlfriend will be up for a holiday and we wanted to do something in her honour. I'll repost once we know, but if anyone has any ideas let us know in the comments!


  1. I wish Helldriver was out on DVD. I remember hearing good things about this if we can track it down -

  2. Looks good. Reckon it's something JB might be able to get for us?

    Also, Takashi Miike!!