Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend Feature: Watch This, Not That.

Since it's Friday the 13th and the law states that you HAVE to watch a horror film tonight, I thought I'd use this opportunity to introduce a new little feature we're going to have here at Hail Horrors, Hail.


In case the name isn't explanatory enough, let me lay out the basic idea. I'll pick two films I've seen recently and in a sentence or two advise you which of the films should rocket up your must watch list. To start this new feature off, here are two Friday the 13th appropriate films for your weekend viewing...

Oldboy isn't technically horror, but it's one of the most fucked up revenge stories you'll ever see. The fight scenes are balls to the wall awesome and Oh Dai-Su (played to perfection by Min-Sik Choi) eats a live octopus (see picture)...that actually happened!

Then there's Rosemary's Baby, as classic a horror film as there ever was. If the graphic decline of Mia Farrow isn't terrifying enough, there's the whole demon baby/bunch of cultists thing to help push it over the edge!

But there can only be one winner in Watch This...Not That, and this week you should...

Watch Oldboy. Not Rosemary's Baby!